Angel Aqua Hydrated Seaweed Facial Toner

Pamper your skin with this toner in your daily regimen. Use it as a post-cleanse refreshing two times a day or as a relief to skin's thirst (yes, even your makeup is still on). This toner will assist in bringing about elasticity and smoothness. As it contains essential ingredients for replenishing the skin, this toner helps defend against dehydration, environmental toxins, and other chemical residues from your makeup.

This multitasking skin savior comes in the form of gel-textured formula which adds optimum level of moisture for gorgeous skin.

How to use: pour a small amount of toner into the palm of your hands and press onto your face until the toner has soaked in. Then lightly tap your face for a few moment to increase absorption and activate the key ingredients in the toner. Tapping motion will also boost your skin's circulation. Your skin will appear soft and replenished after a few use.

The product is in the production process.

... Coming soon ...